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    How do you think about Google Android 2.2 OS?


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    How do you think about Google Android 2.2 OS?

    Post by monica333 on Thu Nov 18, 2010 2:59 am

    I'm a big fan of Google's Android OS, and recently i heard that many people were seeking for the apad android 2.2 M8003. So now i'd like to share something with those apad hunters.
    I usually importer electronics products from one wholesale china electronics online store called: Earlier this year,the owner of the site told me that apad will be the hottest product all around the world,and he try to convince me to import some 7inch apad with android 1.6 OS, but i didn't, because i knew that the android 1.6 can not satisfy for many users, and i told he him if there comming out the better Operating System, i would purchase my order! Last month, he emailed me and said that a new apad run for Android 2.2 OS with 8inch screen were hot saling in the market, and the 10inch apad android 2.2 will also comming out soon.
    Personally, i would prefer the 10.2"Tablet PC,but finally i import the apad android M8003 for 20 pieces,and 10 pieces for 10.2",because when i check the pics, i found the M8003 it's just like the original ipad(maybe lots of my customers will prefer this 8 inch apad android 2.2 more over,it's cheaper than the 10.2"). and the Google Android 2.2 OS is faster than 2.1 and have more features.
    Here is one product link for your reference:

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