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    Anyone tried this 7" android 2.3 tablet? Any suggestions?


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    Anyone tried this 7" android 2.3 tablet? Any suggestions?

    Post by monica333 on Tue Aug 16, 2011 4:15 am

    Hello everyone, Now, I've just gotten into the Android game. I have a HTC Desire, but I want more (no surprise, Smile )like android tablets.
    Normally, I'd post such a question at my favorite forum, but unfortunately, it is down, and I was hoping you guys here could help out.
    It's a 7" android 2.3 tablet from a China site:
    1) It's cheap. Half the price of branded tablets
    2) People say that it can out-perform the iPad in certain areas.
    3) The size seems to be just about right, a good compromise between portability and legibility
    Now, I don't really need all the features that other tablets have, namely the 3g/4g wireless connectivity. I was just looking to use this at home, or at my grandparent's place (Where the computers there are absolutely ancient!) just for web browsing, facebooking, and the occasional game of Angry Birds.
    Now, to the question. How does this stand up to other tablets of today? (Examples would be iPad, maybe iPad 2, XOOM, Galaxy Tab (7 inch and 10 inch)
    I know that this tablet can be overclocked to 1.3 ghz and more which puts it to the same clock speed as most of today's tablets, except for they have dual core processors. How much of a difference would it make? Also, It can play a lot of high end android games when overclocked (Tegra 2 games?). However, I'm sure all the rooting and overclocking is bound to kill the battery. The original battery is said to last 8 hours with WiFi off. If Overclocked, and with WiFi, can I expect to have 5-6 hours of constant usage? Also, assuming it does last about 5 hours overclocked, I know that there are some kernels that allow for the tablet to be a USB Host, meaning keyboard, camera, and (maybe) mouse support. But such devices require power to be used, so can I expect 3-4 hours?
    Thanks for your time to read this long writing, If anybody with a mid-high end android tablet can give some suggestions would be great, tanks a lot!

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