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    Please HELP, i run really funny!?


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    Please HELP, i run really funny!?

    Post by Justues on Tue May 22, 2012 12:04 am

    i want to lose weight this summer so i've decided to start waking up early and running up and down my street for about an hour every morning...the problem is, everyone at my school says i run weird, and i've ran in front of a mirror on a treadmill before and they were right. i live in a rich neighborhood so everyone around here is judgemental, and we're the 'outcasts' of our neighborhood so everyone will already be looking at me as they drive to work and stuff. how do i either overcome running anxiety or just stop running funny? please help, i hate the treadmill and i love running outside, and it's not like i can go to a park or something where i'm alone because my parents are strict /:

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